craigslist dog 

I just want to trade for a younger dog, does that make me a bad person? I’d say yes. 




craigslist dog

Worth a Shih Tzu or IPad…






craigslist trade 

Puppies for guns! 






craigslist dog


This photo is so depressing, maybe he knows he’s about to be traded for some rims.





craigslist dogs

Apparently a Bully isn’t enough of a man toy.





  1. Do people still get dogs off Criags List? I guess so. In the case of working dogs, I can understand rehoming if they do not turn out to be able to work. Often times that is the best thing for the dog and the person. I am also not opposed to rehoming dogs where they are not a fit but Craigs List is not a good option. Ugg on the “silver labs”.

    • Yeah it’s amazing how many people are out there looking for and trading dogs on CL. You know your Dog DNA, Silver Labs are pretty much thought to be Weimaraner mixes aren’t they? I couldn’t find any convincing evidence to suggest otherwise.

      • I believe it is a dilute. And yes I think at one time they may have crossed Weims. but I don’t know how far back that was. As I understand it, the more modern silvers were the result of very heavy line breeding.

        We have dilute in Chessies and they call the color “ash” which is dilute brown. But unlike Labs the color is accepted. It is more widespread in Chessies than Labs. Thunder actually has the recessive dilute gene. He has sired some ash kids.

  2. Wow interesting post. Puppies for guns is impressive. Craigs list is for everything these days!

  3. what the actual heck? I am starting to lose faith in humanity because of finding out that people trade dogs in craigslist, it makes me sick…god they are living breathing beings not some random object that you can stuff into a box and through away, god humanity what the heck is wrong with you?!?! by the way I have 3 dogs and am happy with them even tho they can be annoying sometimes.

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