dog dna test results

Unexpected Wisdom Panel Results – October Edition

Browsing the Wisdom Panel community page can lend itself to some real mysteries of dog genetics. I would have never guessed these mixes on my own. Wisdom Panel results can be quite fun and entertaining. I recently had Laika tested and while it's not  [Read more]

Dog Training

is your dog a velcro dog

Is Your Dog a Velcro Dog?

When I first got my dog Laika she was always nearby. If she wasn't at my side she was strategically placed to have a clear line of vision to me. It used to creep me out somewhat. I'd never had a velcro dog before and I felt like I had my  [Read more]

Dog Health

exercse senior dog

Exercise Tips for Dogs With Arthritis

Arthritis is common joint problem among dogs, it's estimated that 20% of dogs older than one year of age are affected. Arthritis develops over time and causes joint tissue damage and inflammation.  [Read more]

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why i own one dog only

Why I Only Own One Dog

I'm often asked why I only own one dog. It's a good question, especially given my enthusiasm for all dog related topics. The truth is I wish I could own more - but my  [Read more]